Arabella Soap Company is no longer taking orders. We have decided to close our shop to focus on other endeavors.
We are grateful for your support.


Arabella Soap Company Owner - Jessica MayArabella Soap Company was founded in 2011 in the hills of Mendocino County by Cheryl Jordan. Cheryl had been making handmade soaps, healing salves, body butters, lotions and other natural skincare products for years as gifts for family and friends. As demand for her products grew, she decided to expand and start selling her products at the local Willits Farmer's Market, starting Arabella Soap Company!

In 2014 Cheryl passed on the business to me, Jessica May. As a long-time customer of Arabella, I was thrilled when Cheryl took me on as apprentice and subsequently sold the business to me. Cheryl and I spent countless hours talking over recipes, techniques, and packaging. We were in complete agreement concerning the value of organics, and the importance of local sourcing whenever possible. We made many batches of soap, body butter, salves and balms together. Because I was already a fan of the products, I knew I would keep producing Arabella’s best sellers. So, for loyal customers of Arabella, you will still be getting the same quality products you’ve come to love.

For those of you that haven’t tried Arabella products yet, we offer a wide selection of handmade soaps including a variety of gently scented soaps, palm-free castile soaps, and locally sourced goat’s milk soaps. We strive to use sustainable and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Many of our products are infused with herbs grown in our own garden or wild harvested in our local area. We source our goat’s milk, honey, and other herbs from local farmers. We emphasize organic oils and ingredients, and do not use any artificial colorants or preservatives in our recipes. In addition to soaps, we produce natural lip balms, herbal salves, facial masques, lotions and body butters. At Arabella Soap Company, everything is handcrafted in small batches to ensure you receive the highest quality products, every time.